Amgad Khazbak

Maestro Amgad Khazbak:

Coach Khazbak has a proven and prestigious record as both a fencer and as an internationally renowned coach. He began his fencing journey in Egypt, where he went from fencing for the Egyptian national team to becoming its coach. Once moving stateside, he continued to find success on the strip and is known for training some of the finest fencers this country has to offer. Throughout his career he has helped his students achieve unprecedented success in National competitions, World Cups, and World Championships. Most recently, he was hired by the USFA to coach the women’s American Olympic foil fencing team. Under his guidance, the US team had a wonderful showing in London. In recognition of his outstanding dedication to his students and his unrivaled skill as a coach, he was named USFA’s coach of the year for 2012.

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